Aspen Dental Care (Full-Time)

Type Full-Time
Post For Dentist
Dentist Type BDS
Address Aspen Dental Care - P&T Colony, Karnataka-560032
Bangalore, Karnataka, India -560032
Extra Specification The dentist must be able to converse well in English and Kannada / Hindi. Dentists with an experience of 1year+ would be preferred. Salary will be negotiated on basis of the dentists experience Responsibilities Root Canal Treatment of Anterior & Posterior tooth Extractions Fabrication of complete and partial dentures Crown Cutting Scaling & Root Planning Restoration ( G.I.C., Composites) Taking History of Patient Doing Complete Oral & General Examination Making Provisional & Final Diagnosis Prescribing Medications Managing administration ( staff, accounts, materials etc.) and day to day requirements of Clinic. Salary: ₹120,000.00 /year Required language: English, Kannada/Hindi phone no#8892817514.
Contact Person
Name dentist
Mobile 9999999999