• Need help in treatment planning

    F/30. Complains of forwardly positioned upper front teeth. Being a fine arts professional, she has a good know how of esthetics. What should be the plan?


  • Veneers

    Case of veneers a female with a habit of thumb sucking
    Esthetic dentistry
    Esthetic dentistry


  • Posterior Zirconia Crown

    Full veneer Zirconia crown restoration on 47. Chemico-mechanical retraction done using Racegel and #000 cord. Single step impression made using putty and light body. Lab Art : Jaipur Ceramic Dental Lab


  • How many implants to be placed where ?

    Recent OPG need opinion on implants numbers


  • Extra-oral sinus due to Periapical infection

    Patient with history of pus exudation from chin region since 2 months. Extraction of 31,41 and closure of extra oral sinus was done under local anesthesia
    Oral Surgery


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  • Endodontics

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  • Is using luxators and periotomes helpful in extractions??, More

  • Is using luxators and periotomes helpful in extractions??, More

  • Is using luxators and periotomes helpful in extractions??, More

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